Rong Qiao Group

Rong Qiao Group was founded in Fuzhou in 1989 by Mr. Lin Wen Jing, an Indonesian entrepreneur of Fujianese origin. Rong Qiao Group is a comprehensive, diversified company engaged in a wide range of industries. Besides its core business of real estate development, its other business lines include education, port development, hotel development and management, property management and healthcare.


The mission of Rong Qiao Group is above all, to think of the needs of its residents, and to deliver value for future generations. As a real estate developer of over 28 years, Rong Qiao has been instrumental in changing the standard of residential living in cities such as Fuzhou. Rong Qiao’s founder Mr. Lin Wenjing believes that responsibility to society, the development of culture and the arts, and progress of the city and of country are themes core to Rong Qiao. In education, Rong Qiao will continue to embrace the pursuit of excellence and to maintain value through generations.


Rong Qiao entered the education field in 1997 when it established its first kindergarten. It has since set up five kindergartens in Fuzhou, which have been awarded the recognition of being “Exemplary Kindergarten” by the bureau of education of Fujian Province. In 2011, the founders of Rong Qiao established the Jakarta Nanyang International School in Indonesia. A collaboration with Singapore’s Nanyang School, it is a co-ed K-12 school with a multicultural staff teaching an international curriculum to students from 17 countries.