Lower Senior Curriculum

The Lower Senior School will build on the successes of the Junior School. As in the Junior School, we will combine the Chinese core curriculum with extra subjects taught in English, as well as a diverse range of activities. We will also teach Chinese cultural education, moral education and STEM education as a central part of the students’ overall development. The Senior School plans to offer the following extra-curricular courses.

CompulsoryTouch Rugby, Hockey, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming, Outdoor Training, Charitable Projects, Musical Instruments (including Percussion Instruments and Recorders)
OptionalTable Tennis, Fencing, Baseball and Softball, Basketball, Skateboarding, *Equestrian, Sailing, *Golf, Symphony Orchestra (including Strings, Percussion and Brass Band), Choir, *Piano (One to One), Band, School Magazine, Drama, Chinese painting, Calligraphy, World Scholars Cup, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (For students 14 years old and above), 3D Maker, Baking, Badminton, Tai Chi, Martial Art (Wing Chun), Pencil Sketch, Polymer Clay, Robotics, Aeromodelling, Modelling, Scientific Exploration, Go Chess, Seal Cutting, Paper Cutting, Gu Zheng, Tea Art, Lantern, Wood Carving, String Puppet

Note: Activities marked with “*” comes at additional cost

At the Lower Senior School, we shall gradually increase the proportion of English in the curriculum. We will test the students’ proficiency in English and gear their studies according to their language skills. We will offer each student tailored support to ensure they quickly improve their level of English, ready to succeed in international courses offered in the Upper Senior years.