The First Parent-Teacher Reception of Rong Qiao Sedbergh School


In setting out to accomplish their vision of establishing a leading K-12 bilingual school in Fuzhou, the founders of Rong Qiao Sedbergh School (RQSS) believe in the importance of highly qualified teaching staff in determining the success of the school. Over the course of a year, the school employed a detailed recruiting process to select the finest Chinese and foreign teachers to be part of its inaugural academic team.

After a long period of careful preparation, RQSS finally unveiled its strong line-up of academic leaders and teachers at meet-and-greet events at the Crowne Plaza Fuzhou Riverside Hotel and Changle Guo Hui Hotel on August 10th and 11th. At the two events, the academic team met prospective parents and discussed the educational future of their children.


The leaders at the events included Deputy General Manager of Education Sector of Rong Qiao Group Katherine Zhang, Foreign Principal Olly Wells, Chinese Principal Kelly, Deputy Foreign Principal Matt Singer, Foreign Head of Kindergarten Michelle Crowley, Chinese Head of Kindergarten Jenny Song, Senior Head of UK Academics Mark Longbottom, Senior Heads of Chinese Academics Alison Li and Henry Lai, Junior Head of UK Academics Campbell Maunder, and Junior Head of Chinese Academics Cindy Chen. In addition to the academic leadership, all of the school’s Chinese teaching staff were present.





Principals’ Messages

At the events, Foreign Principal Olly Wells gave a short introduction on the school’s academic staff. “To get your kids into the best colleges and universities, you will need teachers who graduated from top universities. All of our teachers hail from top universities in such education powers as the UK, China, the US, Canada, and Singapore," said Mr. Wells. 


(Foreign Principal Olly Wells)

Mr. Wells highlighted the school’s educational commitment -- fostering well-rounded students with a strong moral character and a global vision. To this end, he continued, RQSS will take a holistic educational approach, taking into account both Chinese and West values as its aims to develop not only student’s academic abilities, but also their personal character, including in areas such as leadership and cultural awareness.


Mr. Wells also elaborated on the British-style boarding system, emphasizing the role that the team of housemasters, tutors, and matrons will play in shaping the boarding culture of the school. He envisions the house system creating a sense of close-knit community where children will be able to learn and grow outside the traditional classroom. His presentation also covered the selection criteria for leaders and teachers, as well as the strengths of the school’s extracurricular program.


(Deputy Foreign Principal Matt Singer)

Chinese Principal Kelly next introduced the Chinese leadership team. They included Ms. Cindy Chen, who has won several provincial and national teaching competitions, Ms. Allison Li, who boasts an outstanding educational background and rich teaching experience, and Mr. Lai, who advocates the latest ideas regarding international education.

“The summer vacation has always been the best time for teachers to have a good rest, but our teachers have instead been working with great enthusiasm to build the academic foundation of the school, Principal Kelly said.  She went on to explain how these teachers have been engaged in developing the curriculum, campus system, and class culture since they took their positions on July 1. “You can rest assured that your children are in the hands of disciplined, responsible, and passionate people,” she addressed the parents in the audience.


(The academic leadership team)







The teaching staff engaged with parents in small groups to answer their queries on the school's construction development and the admissions process. Through these events, the academic staff hopes to continually get to know each parent and student at a better level. “I'm always surprised and touched by each of your events which instills my confidence and determination in choosing RQSS for my child,” said one parent. Only with the support of an outstanding academic team can RQSS fulfill its educational vision.