• Q1

    Will Sedbergh School accept Chinese and foreign students?

    As a bilingual independent school that complies with the regulation of the Fuzhou Bureau of Education, Sedbergh School accepts both Chinese and foreign students.
  • Q2

    How to apply and what materials should be prepared?

    Please register your information through "Admission and Enrolment-Appointment" on our website in order for our registrars to contact you. You can also contact us by calling 0591-88262066 or 0591-88262099.
    We will invite you to attend our admission sessions to gain a better understanding of the educational mission and teaching approach here at Sedbergh School. Please submit an online information registration form and upload any relevant documents. Your assigned registrar will contact you and offer any assistance.
  • Q3

    Are there any activities to help the applicants to learn more about the school?

    Sedbergh School has admission sessions every year for parents to participate. In addition, School Open Day events and various talks about education will also serve as excellent opportunities for parents to understand more about the school.
  • Q4

    How can I make an appointment for the activities mentioned above?

    Contact us by phone or through "Admission and Enrolment-Appointment" on our website. You can also subscribe to our school WeChat account ("Sedbergh School") to make an appointment for School Open Day events and any other educational lectures/activities held on an irregular basis.
    Note: Due to limited spaces available, please make your appointments as soon as possible and fill in the form as required.
  • Q5

    Is boarding available in Sedbergh School?

    Sedbergh School provides boarding for students from Grade 1 to 12. You can apply for different types of boarding tailored to the needs of your child (day student or boarding student) by filling out the online information form. Final arrangements on boarding will be confirmed by the school.
  • Q6

    Can students apply for 7-day a week boarding?

    Currently, only students in Grade 9 to 12 are eligible to apply for 7-days boarding in school. Applications from other grades will not be considered at this stage.
  • Q7

    Are students required to wear school uniform every day?

    Students are required to wear school uniform every day with different rules set for Junior and Senior students.
  • Q8

    Can students take the High School Entrance Examination (Zhong Kao)/University Entrance Examination (Gao Kao) in China?

    Sedbergh School curriculum meets the national compulsory education curriculum syllabus and requirements. Kindergarten (KG) and Junior School (JS) are bilingual sectors. Under the premise of conforming to the national compulsory education outline, Lower Senior School (LS) is divided into 2 sectors- LS and Bilingual LS, Upper Senior School (US) is divided into US and Bilingual US. Students in LS will take the High School Entrance Examination (Zhong Kao) in G9 and students in US will take the University Entrance Examination (Gao Kao).